Barranquilla, Colombia

“Inspired by history and nature, the very first Cafune headpiece was created in 2014. Driven by her passion for hair accessories and arts and crafts, Alejandra, decided to use vintage Italian buttons from her parents collection, and put together a unique headband that caught the attention of everyone who laid eyes on it the next day at school.

This new hobby quickly turned into a brand that evokes the elegance, sophistication, femininity and poise of the 21st century woman.

Our classic piece, was crafted through the intricate intertwining of gold or silver plated wire, pearls, and beads. It soon became a staple for weddings, graduations, proms, special events and day to day wear.

Cafuné paved a solid ground for this historic ornament to be perceived as an everyday, all-age inclusive accessory. One to be held in the same category as traditional jewelry.”

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