Early Bird Reservation of Spot - TWO FOR ONE

Check out to reserve your SAME spot as last time! Our team will send you a link to your same spot as the spot you reserved for the November 9th Market.

By paying this Early Bird fee, you can reserve your SAME spot for the November 30th and December 30th Markets. This does not include your spot fee. This is OPTIONAL. 

This is due Tuesday November 8th! One $10 fee -- two markets -- same spot for each market!

**IF you cannot make the Dec 14th market, YOU CAN still reserve your spot with this link for the November 30th Market. HOWEVER, if you cannot make the November 30th Market, but you CAN make the December 14th Market, You will have to wait for open selection. **

Once you get the invoice to pay, be sure to pay by the 17th  of November.  (waitlist opens the 18th).

Thanks!! If you have any questions, just email Bethany!