Thank you for your interest in Markets for Makers Virtual Markets!
We've had several successful virtual markets now after years of booming live pop-ups. We made this page to provide makers with information on how to get into and then succeed in our virtual markets. We've compiled data based on makers we've seen succeed, so you can follow their route to success! 


We've compiled the most important plus points of brands that we love, so you can focus on improving your brand's product, photo, web, and social media and increase your sales! 

1. Product Quality
  •  Handmade or expertly designed.
  •  Large inventory. Few products will usually create fewer sales.
  •  Wide variety of goods within their own category/niche.
  •  Giftable.
  •  Affordable (most of our customers purchase items between $10-$50).

2. Social Media
  •  Quality product photography.
  •  Hundreds of posts.
  •  Great following.
  •  Engagement with your audience.
  •  Shoppable IG posts, IG checkout.

3. Website
  •  Mobile optimized e-commerce website. NOT an Etsy (Etsy is not the best e-commerce tool as you cannot retarget potential customers with advertising, a crucial part of making sales online). 
  •  User-friendly, clean and aesthetic design.
  •  Smooth checkout process with few clicks required to purchase.
  •  Email subscription including shipping/discount incentive.
  •  Retargeting advertisements! This is an absolutely crucial part of getting sales online. If you're not familiar with this, you can take these great, short, FREE courses from Shopify on how to utilize retargeted advertising, and make sales! Facebook Ads for Beginners, and Advanced Facebook Ads

These are all points to strive for. While some goals are long-term endeavors, others such as your product photography, web design, and engaging with your followers are easy "DIY" upgrades to any brand that will help your business in markets and in general!

Hope this helps and feel free to ask any questions! We have some great resources on starting, growing, and improving your brand on our Makers Community! Members get free applications (we refund you the $10 application fee) to our Virtual Markets, and a wealth of information for your business. 


We've put together some of our favorite small businesses so you can compare your brand and see what areas of your online presence could use improvement to increase your sales and brand growth! 

Frères Branchiaux Candle Co.

Hedley and Bennett

Honey Clothing Company

Jo and June Vintage

Katie Dean Jewelry


Oxford Pennant

Paddywax Candles

Sunny Culture


What is the objective of Markets for Makers?
What qualifies as a Maker?
How are Makers evaluated and selected?
Why do Makers choose your markets?
What qualities will increase my success in virtual markets?