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Application Tips

We created this page to provide helpful insight on what we are looking for along with tips to help you fill out your application to make it as strong as possible. 

Follow the Application Instructions

This is an obvious yet overlooked tip. It is important to make sure you read through all of the FAQs and supply all of the correct information and working links in your application. If you need any clarification then feel free to email us at

Chose Photos Carefully 

Your photos are the main way our team determines if you are the right fit for our market. They provide a window for us to see the quality and range of your items. Providing us with simple, well lit, and clear photos with a plain background work best to let your products shine. Your images don't need to be from a fancy camera, although we do like those, smart phones work just as fine. 

Also make sure to incorporate a clear booth photo or smaller set up. Applications without a display picture will not be reviewed. How you style your inventory and display your overall brand is also very important. We want to see how you will be setting up at the market and if your display fits with the overall aesthetics. If it is your first time participating in a market and you do not have an "official" display photo, setting up a smaller setup in your home is fine too. After all you'll want to practice creating your display before submitting an application. 

Show and Tell

We want applicants to show us and tell us through pictures and description what makes your business unique. This is especially important for categories that we have a lot of applicants of. Providing insight on the production, or materials used, the process, packaging, and display are all valued. Try to keep it short but dense. Although we'd love to hear all of the details in an essay format, we also have many other tasks to accomplish ;) . 

Maintain a clear and cohesive brand 

The most successful vendors and applicants have a strong visual brand and cohesiveness to their products that make their business unique and clear to customers. This includes details such as a common color theme or material, signage, presentation, social media presence, etc. We value and look for makers that have depth,consistency, authenticity, pride, and commitment to their work. Be yourself and let your business shine! 

Keep your online presence updated

Another vital aspect to being a successful vendor and applicant is to maintain a social media presence. Providing us with working links, not "FB: name" is super important. Making sure your social media is current, easy to navigate, and shows an array of your products is important when we are looking for vendors. 

Demonstrate Growth

Makers that have been selected before and will be selected again are those who are continuously showing growth and evolving their brand and products. For example: bringing in new products, improving your booth display, updating and growing your social media, etc. Ultimately this will help keep the market fresh and benefit not only the Market, but YOU and your business! 

Show Commitment to your business 

We want to see Makers who are investing time and effort into their business by managing a professional looking website or online store, putting together creative displays, putting time into unique packaging, having fresh inventory, etc. We also really appreciate Vendors who are active on social media and sharing events and promo of their products and where they will be. We value the importance of an online presence and want to see that in our Vendors as well.


Maintaining a professional and kind tone while at the market is very important. If you have bad-mouthed the Market after not being accepted, bad mouthed another vendor (competition or not) or have been "salty" while having a bad day then this is not the Market for you. We appreciate vendors that are positive, team players, and understanding. Negative Nancys will not be appreciated. 

Kindness, respect, grace, and positivity are what we stand for and what we expect in return from our Vendors. We work hard to maintain a professional and positive, collaborative vibe to Pierce Street Market and we expect that from our vendors as well.

If at first you do not succeed....

Finally, if you are not accepted into the market, please do not become discouraged. Try to visit the market more often and observe the overall aesthetics. Try to determine if it is the right fit for you and your business, if the attendees fit your niche. Get a sense of your competition and what strategies they are using and what might be lacking in your business that could use improvement. We accept vendors who apply more than once that show progression in their business through, appearance, product quality, display, social media presence, etc. 


Personal Note

As you can imagine the application process is often a difficult one. We receive many applications making it very difficult for us to decide who is qualified for our Market due to the constraints of our layout and desire for variety and quality. 

We take lots of time and careful consideration of each business that applies making sure we can create the best Market possible. It is a full time job for Me and my Team and we do it all with passion and commitment. 

We are incredibly fortunate to work with so many amazing business from all over the Tampa Bay Area. It is always incredible to hear the stories of how we have helped bring business back to life who were dying, and help jumpstart businesses who were just beginning. Thank you for taking the time to read through these tips and I wish you the best of luck ! Back to FAQ & Application