About M4M


We aim to change how communities shop. We recognize the modern ecosystem of large corporate American franchises and start ups but strive to create a balance between the two. We aim to put our markets in every community and retail development that wants to also have a unique identity of their neighborhood and where their local economy can be nurtured to grow.
At our markets, we are free of labels. We are the misfits, the free thinkers and the creators of the future. We are the Makers. And this is our market.


Markets for Makers was founded in October 2015 with the first market, Pierce Street Market. This market was much different than many others in the area as it focused on the makers and the community. Using social media techniques, in less than two years it was able to grow to over 3000-5000+ attendees on any given market day and over 70,000 followers across social media. 

This gained attention from various developments and communities as they saw this type of retail model as an asset to the community and retail businesses that were struggling. In a world being built on buying anything from a click of a button, Markets for Makers gets people outside again, helping small businesses grow and bringing thousands of shoppers to struggling downtown and retail areas.  
We utilize the latest techniques in marketing and are very selective in the quality and type of vendors that enter our markets. Thus creating a high quality experience for any market goer and high return on investment for any Maker in our Markets.
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