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Apartment No.3

Tampa, FL

Apartment No.3 offers unique handmade home decor & fashion accessories rooted in a rich cultural heritage. I design my products and work directly with talented artisans and seamstresses around the world to create beautiful one-of-a-kind products, while fostering pride and empowerment, respecting and preserving the artisans’ cultural identity and traditional crafting techniques. We consider each product to be a piece of art made to bring you joy and inspiration.

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Yaupon Brothers American Tea

Edgewater, FL

We Make Great Tasting Tea.
Let’s talk about taste. Yaupon tea is unexpectedly good and good for you. It all stems from the Yaupon Holly plant itself. It is truly a special plant – naturally caffeinated, an antioxidant-rich superfood…and to top it all off, it contains no tannin – so there is no bitter aftertaste common in other teas. Caffeinated, healthy, AND tastes great? Yes, please!

Our Yaupon teas are a true labor of love. Each leaf is hand-plucked, carefully dried or fire-roasted, graded and milled, and hand-packed in our facility in Edgewater, Florida. We don’t outsource any aspect of production, because we won’t compromise on quality. Yaupon Brothers has a policy of transparency, because we’re proud of our craft and we want to share it with the world. Quality combines with nature’s special touch in East Central Florida, where Yaupon trees are ancient and very special.

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My Skin Pride

Fort Lauderdale, FL

My Skin Pride is a local brand out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, that was started in 2018. Specializing in plant-based artisan soaps, sugar scrubs, body butters and more. My Skin Pride aims to be your first choice for handcrafted bath and body products.
My philosophy is Mother Nature knows best! So naturally I use ingredients that are organic, unrefined, simple and clean. Each product is filled with skin-loving oils and butters that nourish and pamper the skin and promote confidence, beauty and pride.
To ensure high quality, products are created in small batches.
When you use My Skin Pride, you know that it is always natural, and always clean. Lather up and smooth it out with My Skin Pride.

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Plant One On Me Designs

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Founded in 2017 by owner + designer, Kaitlyn Grimail, Plant One On Me Designs offers handmade and unique planters using different mediums – concrete, plaster, macrame, and more! All of our air plants, succulents, and cacti are locally sourced from Homestead, FL and each planter is made in Fort Lauderdale. We strive to share our knowledge of plants along with creative planters so that each one of you can start your plant collection or expand it.

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Sayblee LLC

Miami, FL

SAYBLEE®️ is an organic, vegan certified hair care product line made of all-natural ingredients. SAYBLEE®️ products penetrate hair follicles to nourish damaged hair and promote growth, blending the power of nature and science, while transforming your hair to reveal healthy luster and volume. In 2011, certified trichologist Sayblee Darsale established the SAYBLEE®️ brand, an innovative hair care line that delivers the benefits of nature and the advancement of science to promote healthy sustainable beauty.

SAYBLEE®️ offers a Triple R total haircare system: Restore, Regrow and Retain.

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The Lab Girl & Co

Miami, FL

The Lab Girl & Co is a hair care brand that will not only help you rock a GOOD HAIR DAY EVERYDAY but will also inspire you to find your OWN POWERMENT.
Our products are made with natural ingredients, vegan, carefully and ethically designed and produced and safe ! We are on a mission to improve your life through the POWER of Hair ! We want our clients to fall in love with their hair and hair routines. Because why have a love affair when you can have a hair affair, right?

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Spooky Cat Press

Orlando, FL

Darkly humorous greetings, gothic gift wrap, artist made & owned.

Spooky Cat Press is a creative co-op founded on the ideals of creating, collaborating, and promoting products are passionate about. Like many gothic & horror lovers, we dream of Halloween all year. We want to tastefully integrate all our favorite spooky themes into elevated, usable products. We hope Spooky Cat fulfills this niche, creating a shared sensibility for beautifully designed spooky-themed products that made for every day, every season, and every occasion.

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Silver and Shine

Lady Lake, FL

Every items in my shop is handmade with heart and soul. Most of the flatware I use are between 50 and 100 years old. Just imagine the generations that they have been passed down through, the celebrations that each piece has been part of. Now instead of them being tucked away, they can be given the new Silver And Shine life that they deserve. It is this thought that made me want to craft these exquisite pieces of flatware into one of a kind items. Isn’t it time to add a little Silver And Shine to your life?

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Serious Lip Balm

Jacksonville, IL

At SERIOUS LIP BALM, our mission is to create skincare products that are all-natural, handmade and good for you while also playing our part to help support our communities and everyone we come across.
SERIOUS LIP BALM unknowingly launched in 2014 when Khara Koffel and Megan Luckey created a small batch of lip balms in Khara’s kitchen as holiday gifts for daycare teachers; they soon discovered a mutual passion for creating handmade and useful gifts while making people laugh. Serious Lip Balm quickly escalated from a way to give something heartfelt to teachers to a fully-fledged business with more than 15 products and hundreds of SKUs. Need some non-greasy whipped lotion for your dry skin? We’ve got that. Beard balm to tame a dude’s facial hair? We make that, too! How about some Bug Stuff to keep the mosquitoes from ruining your picnic or a whiskey-scented lip balm for Uncle Brian? OF COURSE WE MAKE THAT. Everything we create is loving handmade from the best ingredients, works like a charm and doesn’t contain any of those nasty chemicals that we all worry about.
In addition, we also really take a lot of pride in working with our local communities to support the people and world that have made this little-business-that-could become more than we ever dreamed. From bookmobile fundraisers to donations to Pediatric Cancer foundations, we think we need to do everything we can to support each other and help each other grow and flourish. As a matter of fact, a bunch of our products are created at Elm City Center, a rehabilitation center in Jacksonville, Illinois, that employs amazing individuals who have all different kinds of emotional, behavioral or mental setbacks that make it difficult for them to find employment in the community; it’s an amazing partnership, and we value it more than we can say. Serious Lip Balm isn’t just about us, it’s about everyone we work with and everyone we come across as well as our kickass products.
We simply cannot wait to work with you.

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Ives and Bees

St. Petersburg, FL

We are two sisters, Vanessa and Ivy. It all started when Vanessa’s oldest daughter got the family into handmade natural soaps. They noticed the difference & loved the many benefits of the natural ingredients in their soap so they started using natural soaps on a regular basis. But they soon found out that it can be very expensive to buy handmade natural soaps regularly. So, Vanessa decided to do lots of research & tried making soaps herself at home. After much trial & error, she finally found the perfect balance & started giving some away to family & friends. Thankfully, they had positive feedback & enjoyed using her soaps. In fact, Ivy loved using them so much she encouraged Vanessa to share them with the world! Since then, Ivy has learned & developed a passion for candle making herself. With plenty of doubts & hesitations, frustration, testing, paperwork & everything else that comes along with starting a new business, Ives and Bees was born.

We both have two girls; these cousins LOVE spending time together and luckily our husbands enjoy hanging out with each other too. We live 4 hours away from each other so it is a bit of a challenge but we love getting together & we really have fun working with each other. We are so happy we found something that we both enjoy and are passionate about.

We truly believe in the benefits of natural products that is why we decided to embark on our goal to make them more accessible to more people. Therefore, we try our best to find ways to make them affordable, and at the same time, we also want to make them in a way that preserves our environment.

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