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Sparti Scents

Westchester, NY

Sparti Scents™ Fragrance is a collection of fun-loving, skin-loving perfume for women that are pretty, playful, colorful, portable, and 100% addicting. Our first collection of fragrance coolers are dewy moist and soothing to the touch. Crazy soft on contact! Like velvet. Your favorite beauty supplies combined, Skincare and Fragrance in one! In a cool twist-on swivel stick. Sweet on the skin and leaves no residue. Non-oily and alcohol-free. Be the first to discover the new skin care and Fragrance trends.

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Gabriela Ceballos NY


Designed with love in NYC by Venezuelan designer Gabriela Ceballos, me! I have over 8 years of design experience in the fashion industry. My brand is inspired by traveling around the world. I want to translate the trends into a wide range of accessories. I want to make it easy to experiment with style and guilt-free prices.

I moved to NY in 2015 due the difficult economic situation in Venezuela. A year after moving out of my country I set up in a design market and was finally able to offer my pieces to the NY public. I’ve had the honor of participating in bazaars that have given me the opportunity to donate to charitable foundations that help people in Venezuela. It’s my dream come true to have my brand established in NY and I love the smile of my customers when they wear my pieces.

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Kate Koel

Brooklyn, NY

Kate Koel creates jewelry that finds style in the details. Her original designs across multiple collections of pieces feature simple, geometric shape designs that contain so much details and intricate beauty. Real dried flowers, crushed stones, along with Swarovski crystals and pigment get together to form incredible jewelry pieces you’ll want to wear again and again. Every crystal is made by hand, always slightly different one from another.

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LaCott Fine Art

Buffalo, NY

Laura Cott is a painter, illustrator, and artist living in Orchard Park, NY. Inspired by natural elements, her work celebrates minimalistic design, color combinations, linework, and patterns inspired by nature. She has run her company LaCott Fine Art since 2015, focusing on mixed media, watercolor and alcohol ink inspired paintings, ceramic goods, and functional items for the home.

Cott’s art reflects natural surroundings and the visual storytelling of the interaction of light, line, and color. She works primarily with paint and non-traditional materials. Her philosophy toward creating work focuses on the idea that everything is a product of creative experiences, artistic choices, and creative problem-solving. Her pieces are an opportunity for people who may not seek out traditional fine art, capture a part of it in their everyday life.

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Alex Greco Lettering

New York, NY

At Alex Greco Lettering, we are on a mission to transform the traditional written word into modern art. We craft modern lettering and calligraphy that celebrates life’s most special moments and gatherings. Our designs evoke our modern approach to calligraphy and we aim to inspire creativity and joy in everyone. We are always up for a challenge, taking on any medium to transform our clients’ story into written art. We believe in doing what you love and sharing it with others to empower creative, joy-filled lives.

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Brooklyn, NY

We are a boutique candle studio that prides itself in having a thoughtful approach to the small batch process. All of our candles are hand-poured in small batches and each scent is hand-blended in our Brooklyn studio to be a unique, true-to-life scent creation. Simple and minimal with a hint of nostalgic charm, they are designed to compliment every style of home or lifestyle.

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