Successful Booth Presentations

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Makers that present their booths well have increased their sales dramatically. The well known Three Second Rule says that you have about three seconds to grab someone's attention to get them into your booth. Don't waste your opportunity!

  • Stand Up - Vendors that sit down behind their booth do not attract as many sales. 
  • Smile, Say "Hi" and Make Eye Contact - Nothing is worse than having to feel like you're bugging a vendor when you come up to their booth. Being on your phone or distracted can make someone not feel as good about approaching you.
  • Samples - If you have a product that can be sampled, this is a great way to engage with your attendees and not only sell but up-sell buyers as they come to your booth. 
  • Tier your products- Don't lay your products flat out on the table so people can not see your products and what you're selling. Get crates or other types of shelving to display your products. 
  • Have prices - Many people feel shy about asking for the price and this can help make it easier to engage with your buyers and sell them.
  • Don't hide your products - Don't hide your clothing or other products in racks without having good displays. 
  • Have lots of products - Don't make your booth look empty and not have enough products to fill it up! Your last few products will be the hardest to sell because the booth looks bare. 
  • Be inviting - Having a dark booth with products you have to step in to see, make people feel uncomfortable entering. Find bright cloths to hang around your booth and invite. 
  • Dark displays - Some companies can pull this off but vendors with black displays are not always the most attractive. Having beautiful pastel table cloths/blankets and wooden crates can make all the difference.

Here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks! Comment below to put your best advice out there for all to see! 

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