Keys to a Successful Market

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Markets that are put on properly not only attract the community but engage the community within the market. Here are a few main keys to how to put on a successful market.

  • Location - Having a beautiful location for your market is key. Either in a building or outside, it is important to have an aesthetic space that draws people in.
  • Sidewalks - Make sure your location has good sidewalks that are wide enough for people with disabilities, elderly or those in wheel chairs to get through. Grass is not ideal as heavy traffic can destroy the grass, be hard to walk on. 
  • Layout - Be sure to not have any coves of vendors and have one straight shot or loop when possible. Tucking in vendors in small alleys and spaces has been found to decrease their sales. 
  • Parking - Ample parking that is close by is one of the key contributing factor to having high attendance. Think back to a time when it was impossible to find parking until you got frustrated enough and just drove away. Don't do that to your attendees!
  • Vendor selection - Don't be afraid to have a smaller market starting off with less vendors if you keep the quality high. It's okay to accept new vendors in the market you've never had, but maintain the right to judge and remove any vendors you see fit. Maintaining high quality makes the community want to come back again and again.
  • Activities - Having multiple areas with various activities going on around your market, like live music, children's games, blood drives, etc. makes the market feel more busy and alive. It also keeps attendees around longer thus making it feel more full.
  • Themes - Various types of themes throughout the year can increase your attendance and make the market a more fun and engaging place to be for your attendees.
  • Marketing - Marketing is key, be sure to study up on all of the latest social media and marketing strategies out there! 

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